Anonymous asked:

Aww koujaku sorry you cried, i just hope noiz is the only one who has your heart


Noiz: I would hope so. Koujaku’s heart…is kind of like his spirit animal. It’s just…a little tiny bird.


Noiz: It’s small and fragile, and is something you can crush easily in your hands. But…it’s also strong enough to fly on its own. Maybe sometimes the wind pushes it a little and he ends up falling over, but if you pick him up and pet him a little…I think he could fly again.


Noiz: It’s so stupid to talk metaphors like these. Just…telling him about things like, “how I’m feeling” or “how I feel about him now” is totally lame. I think it’s better off not saying it and having my actions make up for it, but Koujaku is dense sometimes and needs a bit of yelling to get it through to his thick skull. 

…Let’s just say the old man is going to do fine no matter what, but I’d hope to at least have a bit of his stupid old heart.

And let’s keep this lame-ass conversation between just us.


I made a video for Flamey because she didn’t know how to draw Noiz’s hair. You can all see it now and wonder why the hell my microphone made me sound like a 6 year old Call of Duty playing little boy. 

But anyways, I had to talk really fast so I might have missed things out. The general idea is that Noiz’s hair is just this mop on top of his head and there are these triangles coming down. Yup.